About us

aboutWe are an inventive and innovative force that believes infrastructure is the driver to the Greater Horn of Africa's success and dynamism to transform the economy so that it works for the people. To get off the ground to a new economy through big ideas and fresh thinking, it needs advocates, midwives, activists and entrepreneurs, and it needs people to explain it and develop policy to make it happen faster. That's who we are at Within Foundation, likeminded stewards who want to leave their children and grandchildren a more loving and sustainable world, respecting each other's differences, cultures, and ways of life.

We are professionals in creating a sustainable environment to reach human civic wellness. We are a team that understands that infrastructure, culture, health and financial aspects are all integrated. We amalgamate clean technologies and innovative green business practices and provide solutions with a new approach that foster healthier and feasible environments. We have highly responsive linkages that leverage exceptional financial capabilities paired with expert technical assistance. We provide sustainable environmental, commerce and infrastructure solutions for the Greater Horn of African countries and ultimately within the African Continent.

At Within Foundation, we believe everyone has the power to make a difference in how their community thrives. We are a dynamic, non-partisan trust at the forefront of our region's civic life. We explore what shapes today's citizenry, define the evolving role of the individual in our democracy, and uncover ways to motivate ad infinitum quest for new ideas and approaches to discover feasible tomorrow.

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