The Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees, responsible for ensuring that the trust is well-managed and stays focused in line with its vision and mission and that it abides by its objectives. The Trustees are challenged with the responsibility of ensuring that the foundation is managed effectively. The Board of Trustees is generally responsible for overseeing programs and project prioritization; budgets, expenditures and appropriation policies and guidelines; investment strategies, allocations and performance.

Additionally, the board oversees the strategic development of the foundation to ensure that it continues to work towards its mandate. The Board of Trustees protects the special character of the foundation at all times. The Board of Trustees consists of no fewer than 9 Board members, with the CEO serving as an ex-officio member.


Within Foundation's leadership and staff members bring a broad range of talents to the organization with experiences drawn from scholarly, scientific, private and nonprofit professional disciplines. We recruit experienced and qualified staff and take on volunteers with professional skills and wide variety of experiences. Appropriate Training is important to us so that we can be confident that the workforce is able to do the job as effectively as possible, making the most cost effective use of the capital resources entrusted to us.

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