THE primary role of the Presidency is the organization and coordination of Government business.

The Presidency is central in ensuring the president achieve his objectives.

The Presidency is comprised as follows –

  1. 1.The Executive Office of the President (EOP),
  2. 2.The Executive Office of the Deputy President (EODP),
  3. 3.The Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government, and,
  4. 4.The Ministry of Devolution and Planning.

This structure enables the President to focus on the core functions of Strategic Policy Direction, coordination, monitoring and oversight, while the other two Ministries housed in the Presidency – that of Interior and Coordination of National Government, and, that of the Ministry of Devolution and Planning, taking the other functions in the Presidency.

The Presidential Strategic Communications Unit (PSCU) is charged with covering the President and the First Lady, Research on Policy, communication of Government Policy, digitization of government communications and branding State events and functions.


ORDO Supremus Militaris Templi Hierosolymitani(OSMTH) seeks to address the very real humanitarian needs of today's world. OSMTH is a Swiss Registered (CH-660.1972999- 4) Ecumenical Christian Confraternal Order, whose primary work is charitable and humanitarian in nature, focusing on all peoples afflicted by poverty, injustice, conflict and disaster. OSMTH holds accreditation as a United Nations ECOSOC Non-Governmental Organization (Special Consultative Status, No.19885) maintaining permanent missions in New York, Geneva and Vienna; OSMTH is an active partner of the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (EU FRA) and NATO Confederation of Interallied Reserve Officers (NATO-CIOR) OSMTH objectives include the international promotion of intercultural and inter-religious contacts and worldwide networks in order to help build bridges of brotherhood between nations and cultures.

OSMTH aspires to foster a cosmopolitan society in which differences among peoples, cultures, and governments will be both respected and appreciated. We seek the betterment of humanity through education, world brotherhood, chivalric principles, and civil behavior and treatment among one-another.


TAKINGITGlobal(TIG) motto to "inform, inspire, involve". It is one of the world's leading networks of young people learning about, engaging with, and working towards tackling global challenges. TakingITGlobal empowers young people to understand and act. Often described as a "social network for social good," the award-winning www. is available in 13 languages and offers a diverse set of educational resources and action tools intended give young people the tools they need to succeed. TIG is avid supporters of bringing technology and world issues to the classroom, and supports thousands of educators around the world through TakingITGlobal for Educators (TIGed) programming. With over 10,000 educators engaged with TIGed from over 3,800 schools in over 140 countries, we connect hundreds of thousands of students worldwide.

TakingITGlobal has worked with various United Nations and multi-lateral agencies to undertake youth-focused research or develop youth-friendly policies. Contributions have included a 2-month e-consultation on public policy for the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and a survey of online civic engagement tools for youth for the MacArthur Foundation's Series on Digital Media and Learning.


YOUTH Initiative Canada (YIC) is a non-profit organization that supports youth development through sports, education and entrepreneurship. YIC runs programs in Canada and Kenya. The founding vision of Youth Initiative Canada is to create a platform to connect youth and their communities with fundamental resources, support, and initiatives. Youth Initiative Canada believes that education and the development of life skills have the power to give youth the opportunity to become change makers. Youth Initiative Canada believes that providing youth with opportunities, life skills, and resources fosters not only personal growth but leads to social change.

YIC believe that youth development and empowerment is not merely an option but an obligation in today's world Youth Initiative Canada uses sport as a powerful tool for social change by creating a platform for dialogue between youth, educators, coaches and mentors to address some of the impinging issues affecting youth in the community. YIC currently support soccer (football), basketball and baseball programs in which hundreds of children are involved. The approach to implement Youth Initiative Canada sports programs is through sports camps, tournaments and life skills workshops for youth, as well as capacity building seminars for instructors and facilitators. One of YIC signature sport programs is Beyond Hoops which uses basketball as a platform to empower youth, promote social inclusion and celebrate diversity.


 SINGLET Ltd. is an IT consulting and training company. It has a team of certified professionals with a combined experience of more than 40 years in the IT industry, gained in projects with large enterprises like banks and telecoms. As a proactive supporter of the community development through high quality education cause, Singlet is leading free IT trainings among high schools in Europe with a mission as '*No one should miss their chance of sparking their interest in technology out of pure ignorance". *The company also supports the development of web sites offering free education to anyone.


THE impact of corruption on our communities cannot be accurately conveyed in numbers or reports. To understand how it affects the lives of people, we must listen to their voices. Global Youth Anti-Corruption (GYAC) is a global network of young leaders, journalists, artists and ICT experts from civil society who work to improve transparency and social accountability for better governance. The Network provides a platform for its members to share knowledge and experience, so they can learn from each other. GYAC also provides its members support for capacity and knowledge building in various governance areas, and on using ICT tools so that the youth will be enabled to drive the reform processes and contribute to positive results in their respective countries and regions. Among major activities is Fair Play, a global competition for original songs by young bands (18-35 years) on the theme of anti-corruption.

Fair Play is an awareness-raising program and a network building effort to connect socially conscious artists and citizens worldwide and highlight the role of youth in combating and preventing corruption. Brought by the JMI Foundation, Global Youth Anti-Corruption Network, and the World Bank Institute.


IN 2011, 57 million primary-school aged children were out of school in developing countries, and millions more are shut of secondary school. The Global Partnership for Education is the only multilateral partnership devoted to getting all children in the world's poorest countries into school for a quality education. Established in 2002, the Global Partnership for Education is comprised of close to 60 developing countries, donor governments, international organizations, the private sector, teachers, and civil society/NGO groups. GPE partnership has fundamentally transformed international cooperation in education. GPE help developing country partners develop and implement sound education plans.

Members of the Partnership mobilize and coordinate resources to support the achievement of the plans' goals to enroll more children in school for a better education. By promoting dialogue among partners around shared objectives, GPE foster mutual accountability, increase shared knowledge about best practices, and encourage transparency at all levels. GPE support strengthens the growth of the entire education system in developing countries while ensuring that external education funding is tracked and coordinated.

 Nakuru CountryNAKURU County is one of the 47 counties of the Republic of Kenya provided in the Constitution of Kenya 2010. The county lies within the Great Rift Valley and covers an area of 7,495.1Km² and is located between Longitude 35 º 28` and 35º 36` East and Latitude 0 º 13 and 1º 10` South. The county headquarter is Nakuru Municipality, one of the fastest growing towns in East Africa region. Nakuru County is divided into 11 administrative Sub a total of 31 divisions and 55 electoral wards. The county has five towns and one Municipality.

The Nakuru County Government is composed of the Governor, County Executive Committee and County Assembly.

The county has a  system that the residents depend on for agriculture, tourism, energy and many other benefits. Mau Escarpment is the source of Njoro River that drains into Lake Nakuru which is inhabited with flamingos, making it one of the premium parks in Kenya. The county has a bimodal rainfall pattern with a high of 1800mm and a low of 500mm.


“To be a highly secure, Productive and Prosperous County”


“To Plan, formulate, mainstream and implement responsive socio-economic strategies to become a highly Secure, Productive and a leader in Agriculture."

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