Our Approach

While the issues we address are diverse, our approach is founded on the belief that all persons have energy to make a difference "within" the world they live in. We believe that a better life is possible. We strive to be a catalyst for change.

The power of our approach lies in partnerships and linkages, facility integration, and our passion to serve. Every action we take is intended to inspire meaningful dialogue and deliver results that improve the Greater Horn of African civic health and make things better for our children, our youth, our elderly and our communities for years to come. We associate with specific initiatives that place emphasis on responsible civic and environmental health.

Our investment linkages seek to maximize both;-

  • Social good and financial return
  • Provide a foundation for the improvement in the quality of life.

The foundation provides technical assistance and financial resources to implement initiatives which lead to the achievement of its mandate. Our work is supported through grants and contracts from a variety of sources, including government agencies, private foundations, non-state actors, finance organizations, universities, and corporations. We seek bi-partisan synergy from all authoritative parties at all times to ensure we derive a holistic approach.

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